Paul, Owner & Founder

Paul is a very gifted & knowledgeable sales person when it comes to fragrances. He works extra hard in learning about each of his products no matter the gender. He can recommend fragrances to you outside of your comfort-zone that is guaranteed to impress your audience. Finally, stop by the store at anytime and try to quiz Paul's knowledge on hard to find and discontinued brands - I bet you will find it very hard to stump him.

Belma Djihic

Belma Djihic, Fragrance Sales Specialist

Belma, is a very knowledgeable Fragrance Sales Specialist at our Blaine Store. She is very hard working and extremely helpful to all of our customers. While attending school for nursing Belma diligently and effortlessly run circles around your fragrance palette with suggestions. During Holiday Season most customers have stuffed their stockings based on suggestions by her and always comeback.